North - East

The `fake pyramid` under SFA seems to be progressing fairly well ... as is the inevitable decline and fall of the SJFA, in favour of a single `senior` grade of football clubs .. which may, of course,
have women, amateur and youth teams. That has always been our vision for a secure future in
Scottish football, where absolutely everything football is contained in less than 500 `super`
clubs having the strongest possible links to their communities .. and one-man-one-vote.  But 
the Northern part of the SFA `fake` system still appears to stuck in the stone age, with just a
few murmurings of `promotion` maybe available to Highland League in 20-21.
We have never agreed with the `fake pyramid` concept ... particularly, when it involves giving
Highland League, a fairly remote 17 clubs in something less than 10% of the population now
that Cove (Aberdeen) have moved to SPFL, some 50% of access rights to another league of
42 clubs that we certainly do not agree should be the `leading edge of any pyramid system.
Fortunately, thanks to our campaigns, there is now hope of a major change being voted 
through at the SFA, which has a non-SPFL `majority` likely to continue to grow very strongly.
That is why we believe in clubs looking at alternatives .. and what might be best in the longer
term .. which outstandingly suggests an alliance between North and Tayside Juniors towards
a powerful `senior` league that would dwarf its highland and North of Scotland neighbours,
leading, almost inevitably, to a much fairer, more competitive `pyramid element in the region.
This North-East senior league would have around 50 clubs and would be able to demand a
new North of Scotland `pyramid` league to form an access route alongside East and West in 
place of SFA `Highland and Lowland` monstrosities .. why not start thinking .. and talking ?
Will your kids be happy as 4th-rate `slaves` .. in a 3rd-rate, backwater, football system .. ?

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