EURO 2024 Germany

EURO 2024 ..
The big failure of Euro 2020 is that some nations got
the opportunity to be there, who didn`t really deserve it.
Not only that .. it was fairly haphazard. Systems will undoubtedly change for Germany 2024, but we would like to see only the best teams there ..and only way to ensure that is to eliminate lowest ranked teams ..

The first thing that needs to change is the inequality of
the initial draw ... in order to get its 20 qualifiers ( to make room for four from Nations League) UEFA had to
divide its 55 starters into 5 groups of six teams and 5 groups of five teams. By eliminating 15 teams in a preliminary round ... losers will then go into Nations
League pre-qualifying ... we`d be left with 10 groups
of four teams for a straight two from each to qualify ..
all the rest would still have the Nations League route ..
rd1 ... two leg play-off
lowest 30 nations, bottom 15 seeded to be at home first leg against a higher ranked seed ..

rd2 ...  10 groups of four = 40
six games, top two in each group qualify ..

rd.2a ... nations league pre-qualifying ..
15 nations in 3 groups of 5 ... 8 games .. to determine which seven are relegated to group D ... under the new system agreed by uefa, each of the top three leagues will have 4 teams, ergo 48 nations ...

rd.3 ... nations league p-offs ... 4 winner qualify ..

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