`Pyramid` update .. June 6, 2020 ..

 Scottish Pyramid News is `in lockdown` .. but can still contribute a little ..  
perhaps return with fixtures .. and Saturday and Sunday LIVESCORES  .. 


20-21 Season ..

D-Day anniversary.. with Premiership able to train next week and start August 1/2 
(on TV) .. hope for others by mid-August, various people working up fixtures for 
20-21. We can publish potential Diary right now .. with changes certainly due from
 UEFA (June 17) .. meanwhile, our usual Transfers page is up  .. We remain
 confident that football will be played soon ..  and though we will never be happy
 with a pathetic `fake Scottish pyramid` ...  we continue to do our very best
 for fans, players and clubs at this difficult time.

Testing ..
If the `looney` government dictats continue .. gloves, masks, handgel and
social-distancing is not a major problem .. but rigorous testing will be. Costs of
private testing are prohibitive for most clubs outside SPFL Premiership and
Championship ... so much so, that Ross County have set up their own lab .. 
salutary lesson to all lower and non-league moaners ... get of your asses and
come together to set up `low cost` (shared) labs ... NOW ... BIG question..
WHY are the SPFL and SFA not setting up a lab right now .. ?

Lowland ..
If Bonnyrigg Rose are confirmed as promoted to Lowland on June 18 (SFA) ..
the best conference runner up (ppg) will go up to EoS Premier .. and that will
be Leith Athletic .. leaving a vacancy, potentially, for Livingston United juniors ..

Friendlies ..
We have noted only six (non-league) friendlies for pre-season 20-21 so far,
but clubs are as yet unable to put dates on them .... check back in July ..

National League ..

Many of our original `supporter` clubs from the 1990`s will now be accessing SFA and able to vote in huge 
changes. No matter whether you are a memberor just a fan, we urge you to take a look at our `national` plan
 for decisive change ... and to join the campaign for a true National League `Pyramid` for all clubs.This plan
 is crucial to give better access to top non-league clubs (at level 3) .. to vastly improve competition and produce
 many more, better quality, players ..and to significantly strengthen the top level, who may be within early reach 
of Champions and Europa League (1 and 2) groups .. except that points earned by Celtic and Rangers divide
 by 4 ... and if they move to that top level, then divide by 5 ... so they crash out again, like boomerangs. We
must have a credible top eight and a growing support pyramid to move our game forward.

Womens Euro - qualifiers re-scheduled

Two matches due at the beginning of June are cancelled .. so there will be six
 in autumn .. and early winter. Cyprus away (sep 18), Portugal home (sep 22),
Albania home (oct 23), Finland away (oct 27), Portugal away (nov 27) and the
big one .. Finland home (Dec 1) ... but they`ll be used to playing in snow .. 

Womens League football really needs to start same as men .. to complete at least one round of 2020 matches
.. plus, we need fit players for the games above ... and remember Glasgow City have a Champions Cup q-final
 to play against Wolfsburg, while, if there is a general re-start from UEFA Executive meeting (June 17), City 
would be due to play qualifying groups for 20-21 (probably for the vast majority of clubs) maybe in September, 
looking to a 16-club Champions group stage for season 21-22. Dont think SFA or SNP are on the ball here ...

Thinking of late holidays ? ... check out our Albufeira sites ..

Also check in with Neil Hale at  live football on tv
we have Danish, German, Byelorussian, Polish and Portuguese games now .. 
 .. Spain next week .. and Alba are bringing German Womens football to your screens Fridays/Saturdays .. English Premier is back June 17 ... FA Cup quarters June 27-28 ... 
message to Joe Fitzpatrick ... why is SNP so far behind everyone else .. ?

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